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traditional window cleaner, beckenham

Traditional Window Cleaner, Beckenham.

Why Water Quality Counts for Steak Free Windows

The quality of water can vary considerably from area to area. While the biological and organic content is of little concern to those involved with window cleaning and washing, the particulate and inorganic content can leave streaks, stains and unsightly deposits on glass and other surfaces.

Particulate contamination includes dirt, silt and other fine particles, while inorganic substances such as calcium and magnesium are responsible for scale deposits and the majority of spotting and water marks which most customers will complain about.

Traditional style window cleaning the importance of using a high quality of water is often overlooked. As most windows are squeegeed clean, little water is left on the surface to create problems.

However, when window cleaning, at a high level, with a water fed pole system, water is applied liberally and left to dry. As it evaporates any remaining residue will produce water marks. Even water in a soft water area (e.g. Scotland, Wales, the west of England) has sufficient impurities to give dissatisfaction. SNS Cleaning offer both traditional window cleaning and reach and wash cleaning.

window cleaning beckenham

Pure Water

The water fed pole window washing system can only be totally successful if used with the right water treatment equipment. This is designed to produce a very high quality of water.

Purified water leaves no residue whatsoever even if windows and other surfaces are left to dry in sunlight. Depending on location and the amount of water used the treatment necessary will vary.

The purified water required needs to be 99.9% free of contaminants and this is achieved, in the majority of cases, by using a variety of water treatment products linked together. Water is a very complex substance and the water treatment recommendations will be determined by the area where you are and the amount of water used. Water hardness can be a major problem and therefore it is often necessary to soften the water.

At S&S Cleaning we use the latest Reach and Wash technology and carry our own filtered water to leave your windows streak free but we haven’t forgotten the history of window cleaning and keep our squeegee skills up to date using traditional cleaning methods especially for internal window cleaning.

If you need a traditional window cleaner, or more specalised  reach and wash window cleaner, then give S&S Cleaning a call.

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